Rotary Dies for Popular Die Cutters

Atlas Chem-Milling works with the leading rotary die cutter manufacturers to provide custom rotary flexible and flat dies for a wide range of die cutter presses. In addition to our team’s knowledge of die cutters, we have programs with these manufacturers to assist in the design of dies specifically for their machines.

Whether you are die cutting packaging, business cards, or pharmaceutical material, our collaboration with press manufacturers gives our customers a seamless experience when ordering dies. No more speculation, homework or research on the specs of your die cutter.  Our access to the specs of your machine allows us to do the work for you.

With the rapid growth of digital printing, it’s important to have a finishing system that keeps pace with digital. All of our die cutter partners have developed machines that are customized for the new digital world. In addition our dies are compatible with digital printing.

To learn more about each brand of rotary die cutter, click on the links below.  Or contact us today to order dies for your machine!

Rotary Flexible Dies

Rotary Die Cutter Manufacturers

Rollem Rotary Die Cutters
Standard Horizon Die Cutters
Them-O-Type Die Cutters
Duplo-Rotary Die-Cutters
B&R Moll Rotary Die Cutters
Morgana Plockmatic Die Cutters