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Rotary Folding Carton Dies - Atlas Chem-Milling

Rotary Folding Carton Dies

Rotocut Rotary Die

Magnetic Rotocut for Folding Cartons

Magnetic Rotocut system features “Crush Cutting” (sharpened) dies for folding carton production. The rotocut system is designed as a matched male/female die set that is mounted on magnetic cylinders.

  • Easy to use and install
  • Yields a flat, undistorted blank
  • Can achieve maximum press speeds
  • Can be used in combination with Rotoplate
  • Recommended for narrow web systems
  • Will cut and crease in a single operation
  • Effective on paperboards up to .024″ thick

Magnetic Rotoplate for Folding Cartons

Magnetic Rotoplate system features “burst” cutting for folding carton production.  The Rotoplate system is also designed as a male/female die set that is mounted on magnetic cylinders.

  • Combines rotary pressure with hardened steel plates
  • Long die life and consistent cut quality
  • Can achieve maximum press speeds
  • Available in widths up to 46″
  • Can cut paperboards up to .030″ thick
  • Ideal for medium to wide web systems

Combined Cutting and Creasing

Both Rotocut and Rotoplate cutting systems can easily incorporate rotary creasing in the same die set, thereby saving on die costs and additional set up time. The male/female die configuration creates functional fold lines which can be adjusted to meet specific scoring requirements.


Folding Cartons